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  1. Swift – Apple’s newest programming language – A Contract Developer perspective — June 2, 2014
  2. Books, Tutorials, etc — February 18, 2014
  3. Cost of developing an iPhone app (2014) — February 18, 2014
  4. Year In Review 2013 — February 2, 2014
  5. The gamer a console generation left behind — December 2, 2013

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Jun 02

Swift – Apple’s newest programming language – A Contract Developer perspective

Well moments ago Apple announced Swift, their new programming / scripting language. Which enjoys a huge performance increase over Objective-C, and removes a few of the key points that new developers would struggle with. One major sticking point with Objective C was the verbosity, people thought it was way to hard to read. I personally …

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Feb 18

Books, Tutorials, etc

After talking with some publishers and authors I got a little insight to programming books, and decided that I may go another path.

Feb 18

Cost of developing an iPhone app (2014)

“I have a great idea for an app, I’m looking for someone to help me make it; you interested?” – I hear this more than ‘hey, nice shirt!’. I’ll try my best to explain my process in getting to an estimate.

Feb 02

Year In Review 2013

Sorry this is a bit belated, just been catching up on some things. So wow what a big year 2013 was. Across the board busy and crazy, some good some bad, some ugly. First of all I shipped more apps on more platforms than ever last year, let’s recap. Apps this year So as you …

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Dec 02

The gamer a console generation left behind

My first console in 1987, 26 years later, looking at a stagnant market which doesn’t seem to want my business.

Nov 21

Mojo Video Poker is now on Windows 8 platforms


Mojo Video Poker, our top rated iOS / Mac app is now available on more platforms. We recently released it on android, and today we released it for Windows 8 and Windows 8 phone. Mojo Video Poker for Windows brings the core gameplay from the original game with some graphical enhancements. We are planning on …

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Sep 27

Mahjong 3D and Mojo Video Poker for Android


We finally gave some love to Android over the last two weeks. We published our new Mahjong 3D game on the Android market last week, and today released our first version of Mojo Video Poker for Android. Mojo Video Poker was our first iOS app, and it’s our most successful Mac app, now Android users …

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Aug 11

Windows 8 Developer program – It shouldn’t be this hard, We pass

To sum up really quick, We are no longer going to attempt to pursue Windows 8 developer programs at all. The length of my discussion with their support staff, asking very direct questions only to get vague answers without back up has just brought it to a halt. I thanked them for their time and …

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Aug 06

Windows 8 developer program feedback from Microsoft, not much help…

Nothing beats a response that doesn’t address the questions you asked.

Aug 04

Windows 8 Development, 2nd chance, no luck (Still stuck trying to get head around registration)

Windows 8 failure to launch, can’t justify the fees to even begin looking into the platform(s).

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