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Apr 10

9 Slice Sprites in cocos2d 2.x

For a project I’m doing I needed a simple 9 slice sprite, just so I could reuse as many graphics as possible. There are a few examples out there already, and I’m sure they’re great. But as things go, I just like the challenge, and it only took me an hour and a half to …

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Dec 31

2012 – Year in Review

Busy year, I did a lot of great new projects, worked on some very high profile applications, and continued to grow the business more than in any previous year.

Oct 04

Taking our first step away from Mac App Store to Direct Sales

Lengthy review times aren’t fair for my customers, so I’m going to provide an alternative way to purchase our apps directly from us.

Sep 10

Cocos2dx Migration -> Seventh update (44 hours) And now to rest

Or Don't

Whew! What a rush, I’m exhausted. Squeezing in an app release in the middle of a full time job, 6 maintenance releases of other apps, and jumping between 3 languages on 4 platforms, all I can say is ‘I need a relax’. But there is no rest for the weary, my current contract job is …

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Sep 08

Cocos2dx Migration -> Sixth update (40 hours) JNI We meet again

Things were moving ahead quite nicely, converting my obj classes to C++ went smoothly, cocos2d-x is really well refined. I even found out that there was a problem in my declarations for using sprites with sprite frame names, so I fixed that code. I also wrenched in some ad frameworks, and most of all I’ve …

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Sep 03

Cocos2dx Migration -> Fifth update (32 hours) The meat of it

I’ve done thousands of lines of code in the last few days, and 32 hours. The main benefit I have is the speed at which I can type, moving between the languages is easy enough, the only slowdown is when you hit something platform specific (reading / writing files for example). Once you get over …

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Aug 28

Cocos2dx Migration -> Fourth update (22 Hours) Kicking down the wall

Well just like a Thursday morning, I’m over the hump. Getting into the android slump is always discouraging, but once through the middle of it (you’re never always out), things start to look up. I had a rough few hours last block, and I waited until I was done until I posted to keep my …

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Aug 26

Cocos2dx Migration -> Third update (14 Hours) … Hitting the “Wall”

Things were moving along so well I thought i’d jump a head a couple steps, and get Android builds up and running. Something I knew would be painful, and as expected it was. Before that I have most of the core logic in the game, it’s not all up 100% but we’re now registering interactions …

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Aug 24

Cocos2dx Migration -> 2nd update (8 hours)

Right now we have the basics of the menus all loaded, and the main game screen is now loaded and displaying some of the core assets. I did hit an issue on the cocos2dx code, not sure why but for now I reverted back to the original code. I’ll summarize below. Cocos2d-x has a cool …

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Aug 21

Cocos2d -> Cocos2dx rewrite Update 1 (4 Hours)

90% of the core up and running, loading of all assets and splash screens complete.

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