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Nov 21

Mojo Video Poker is now on Windows 8 platforms

Mojo Video Poker, our top rated iOS / Mac app is now available on more platforms. We recently released it on android, and today we released it for Windows 8 and Windows 8 phone. Mojo Video Poker for Windows brings the core gameplay from the original game with some graphical enhancements. We are planning on …

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Sep 27

Mahjong 3D and Mojo Video Poker for Android

We finally gave some love to Android over the last two weeks. We published our new Mahjong 3D game on the Android market last week, and today released our first version of Mojo Video Poker for Android. Mojo Video Poker was our first iOS app, and it’s our most successful Mac app, now Android users …

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Jul 19

Augmented Reality, Video Poker, Dinosaurs, and Word Puzzles

It’s been ages since I’ve updated the blog. Mainly because we’ve been so busy! In the last few months we’ve picked up our first new member of the team in ages. He’s helping us with some client work right now, we’re doing a followup to an Augmented Reality game we did for a couple brands …

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Apr 15

Mojo Solitaire Collection for iOS / OSX Released

Our first release of our new Solitaire collection is now live in the App Store for OSX and iOS. This is a set of games that I had a lot of fun making. I love card games, it’s probably the best way to pass time in short and long sessions. Mojo Solitaire Collections aims to …

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Mar 25

Happy Belated 2013

I am taking a short breather to give an update of what’s been going on and what I’m working on. Since August 2012 I have been juggling contracts for other companies, so most of the Six Foot Three Foot games have been put on hold. March 10th I finished, and have been working full speed …

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Sep 10

Word Jumblerama for Android Released

Word Jumblerama Blitz has made it’s way to the android platform, and is now available via google play as well as on the Amazon App Store. Word Jumblerama Blitz for Android is a free to play game (ad supported), and features Kiip integration where available. Kiip allows players to earn real rewards for getting high …

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Sep 03

Word Jumblerama Blitz for OSX Released

Our popular Fast word hunt game is now available for OSX

Jul 13

Word Jumblerama Blitz for iOS Released

Word Jumblerama Blitz Icon

Our new iOS game is released! Word Jumblerama Blitz, is a fast paced word searching game. The game is a free download from iTunes, and supports Game Center. If you like word games, and are a quick word finder then give the game a shot and see how you fare on the game center leaderboards! …

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May 23

Retro Art Studio 1.3.0 for iOS Released – New Features

Ad removal, color blending, and larger pixel / leds!

May 10

Retro Art Studio 1.2.0 for iOS Released

Retro Art Studio 1.2.0 for iOS includes new colors, Facebook integration, and a whole new design and layout.

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