Aug 06

Windows 8 developer program feedback from Microsoft, not much help…

Well I got a response from a person, but since it’s such a generic response it may just be a robot named Barry. But this is the response Microsoft sent from my previous email.

Here’s a link to the original article you can read the email I sent them.
Email to Microsoft about Windows 8 Development

Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to clarification involving a Windows store developer subscription. This link details everything you need to get started and what we offer along with the subscription and what is free. Everything you need to be able to develop an app using our SDK is given to you including Visual Studio express. If there are other tools that we do not offer that you would like to use in the development of your app, you are required to purchase those. Please let me know if I can help you in any other way or provide any further information.

I commend them for insulting my intelligence and not reading my email, as I had been pretty thorough in my questions, which should have led them to understand I can find the web site, which is more or less that link he gave me. It actually isn’t a link to any usefull information, just the entry point to the developer site. #thanks Barry.

I followed up with a response, as that didn’t really answer my question, maybe being more clear will give me a better answer.

Hi Barry,

Can you please clarify that I can publish to the Windows 8 store with the express version of the software? I read that pro was required, and I don’t see any confirming information. I also presume that I still require a version of Windows 8 to develop for Windows 8? As in my existing windows version (not-8) wouldn’t suffice.

I’m just trying to see if the fees are Sub $100.00, Sub $1000.00, or more.

My current config is :
Windows XP VS-2010

My hardware is all Apple machines. So from your expertise what would I need to begin developing for Windows 8 Mobile and desktop, and what would the full cost of that be. Assuming I am to publish on both stores.

So here’s hoping that they’ll actually address this, as once again as a developer I’m not terribly impressed. To be honest I’ve given up on them already, but for the sake of trying to get some information for future developers I’ll keep asking the questions as long as they answer them.

Aug 04

Windows 8 Development, 2nd chance, no luck (Still stuck trying to get head around registration)

I’ve tried a couple times to unsuccessfully look at the Windows 8 market. First of all we’re a Mac shop, all our tools and hardware is Apple. However we do have parallels and a spare machine in the corner we don’t use which had some version of windows on it at one point. Since Windows 8 came out I’ve been keen to push some of our apps to their platforms, as doing cross-platform development is our thing, (that and augmented reality).

My first attempt was me trying to sign up for their developer program, their registration system is overly complex. Secondly their iOS migration guide was one of the most hilariously poorly written explanations to go for Windows over Mac. It actually explains why OSX / iOS are much better and easier to code for, it’s actually quite a humorous read. If you have way too much time on your hand, you can go through the extremely over verbose documentation to entice ios developers :

Later I gave a talk in Auckland at the New Zealand Game Developers Conference, and talked about cross platform development. During it I was asked if I did development for windows 8, I told them I tried but got stuck in the paperwork and gave up. I later talked with a rep from Microsoft who was genuinely a nice guy and was trying to ‘entice’ developers. I told him the basics, #1 explain why I have to pay for a development subscription, then pay for all the tools, operating systems, then do a profit share. On Apple you pay $99, get free copies of operating systems, and Xcode (plus all the handy tutorials, etc), and this fee is the same for a indie developer or a huge studio. This isn’t a turd flinging post, I’m just trying to understand (as it’s not clear on their site), why I have to pay for the program, then pay the hundreds of dollars for the pro tools as well as a new upgraded operating system. It’s all very costly. (Developing for windows 8 on the free tool doesn’t cut it, I need pro tools to do windows 8 / mobile dev, and in comparison there is no XCode ‘free’ and XCode ‘pro’, there’s just 1 fully featured XCode. Anyway, I told the guy, ‘you give me the tools, I’ll make you the apps’. That was the last I heard from Microsoft.

Fast forward to today, I was just having a think about publishing some of the new games we have, as well as some of the older ones to other platforms. As they’re all written in tools that technically run on them (just small tweaking needed), [cocos2d-x, unity3d], I wanted to see what it would take to sign up. You’d figure after the ‘rocky at best’ launch Windows 8 / app store has had, you’d think they’d entice developers more. But no, the website still has about 40 links on it each giving you a bunch of information which isn’t useful, and not clearly telling you what you do and don’t need to get started. They even have a $49 plan which allows you to not sell apps on the Windows store… Really useful, but from what I read neither give you the tools you actually need, so they expect you to pay your $49 or $99, then buy Windows 8 pro ($499 (Upgrade! can’t find the actual retail price!)), then buy Visual Studio Pro 2012-13 ($990). I think those figures are mainly in NZD, so we’re looking at a whopping $1600 (I saved and didn’t count the MSDN version) + costs for hardware (tablet to test, phone to test, actual windows 8 hardware to test). So in short, it looks like I will NOT be publishing anytime soon for Microsoft, I don’t have that in my budget. In comparison for $4000 I could get a license to publish for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, or a really nice brand new Mac to do more development + have enough for 2 ipod touches or a new iPhone, or a couple iPads.

So am I enticed to got o Windows? No not at all. I was intrigued, several times hence my return there today. But it’s simple math, they have no numbers to back anything up, it’ll take me time / hours to port things over, time and hours I could use on the platforms I’m already a master of, and make more new things, and update old things versus ‘test’ a new market. If I could lower that entry point to $99 with the software I need (once again, not the cheap free versions that doesn’t do what I expect from professional tools), then I’d be keen.

Below is my email I just sent to Microsoft support trying to understand their logic on the issue I’ve rambled on about above.

Hello, I was in Auckland a month ago and I gave a talk about cross platform development. One of your reps asked why I didn’t do Windows development, and I stated #1 price of entry #2 long drawn out registration #3 no transparency to the store. Anyway, I’m looking now and trying to understand what it’ll take for our company to publish on Windows. As I can see I need a developer account, then I’ll need visual studio professional, and windows 8, (and devices to test on). With Apple I pay $99 a year, and get Xcode and all the latest OS’s included in that fee, am I to understand that is not the case? I couldn’t find information as to if the tools and operating systems are included in the developer program fee. If they are not, what is the realistic expectation you have from independent developers, that we would actually drop thousands of dollars to write for your struggling mobile devices? I’m just trying to clarify the situation, as when I spoke to the representative he said MS was really trying to engage new developers to try the platform, which we’re happy to do, but not at that kind of cost. So if I am misreading, and all I need is the $99 for the developer subscription, and the software tools are all available to me, that’s great. (Not the ‘lite / free versions of your tools’ the actual pro versions we need to develop on, like we get with Apple / Google.

Thanks for taking the time to clarify this.

Six Foot Three Foot

P.S. In case you like to post comments, you may. But since 99.999% of all my comments are spam I’ll probably accidentally trash it when I clean my spam folder out every other week. This isn’t a blog post to start a flame war, this is just an explanation as to even though I was approached and reconsidered it, I can’t justify developing for Microsoft. I also don’t mean to say that one platform is superior to the other, it’s strictly that for direct competitors, I get X with Brand A, and Y with Brand B. If they are competing I’m just trying to understand why the price of entry is so extreme. But I’m sure there’s other developers out there who can afford it (time / patience / cost wise), and good luck to them all. Excited to hear their outcomes.

Jul 19

Augmented Reality, Video Poker, Dinosaurs, and Word Puzzles

It’s been ages since I’ve updated the blog. Mainly because we’ve been so busy! In the last few months we’ve picked up our first new member of the team in ages. He’s helping us with some client work right now, we’re doing a followup to an Augmented Reality game we did for a couple brands in the USA. This followup was launched due to the success of the first campaign, and thankfully we were asked to carry out the work again! Augmented reality is becoming a daily part of our business, we do it for clients, and also have some projects we’re working on internally for education using Augmented Reality. We are hoping that we can get some support from NZ government to help us carry out an edutainment product for children.

Mojo Video poker had an update in May, this released a whole new game ‘Chase the Multiplier’ which is the most addicting video poker game to date! It’s extremely fun, and we still don’t charge for coins so what you pay is what you get, if you run out the game simply gives you more without additional purchases. Please check out Mojo Video Poker for your platform and let us know what you think!

Retro Art Studio has been doing great and we have a HUGE new version coming out, but it’s so big it’ll take some time for us to finish it. The key thing is some new ‘advanced’ drawing tools people have asked for, as well as the most often requested feature, a gallery. But this is a lot of work so please be patient!

In the pipe we have a set of word puzzle games coming soon, tentatively called Mojo Word Puzzle Games, we love word games and this is a collection of our favorites from the Sunday newspaper. Included is Word Search, Anagrams, and Word Jumble. There will be some fun twists and challenges as well, we hope to have this finalized through testing early August.

The biggest project we have coming up is a 13 year old one that I’ve had with me for a while. It was to be my 2nd game, and it never came to fruition. I spoke at a game conference in Auckland, NZ last month and feeding off the energy I spoke about the idea and had enough enthusiasm from people to pursue it. We’ve teamed up with an amazing artist who is breathing amazing life into the project, and it involved dinosaurs. We will be making a huge announcement on this project soon.

Lastly I’m tutoring a student from Auckland to make her first mobile video game. So far it’s coming along great, and as it comes playable I’ll have her share some info about it on this site to show everyone what New Zealand students are making these days.

Apr 15

Mojo Solitaire Collection for iOS / OSX Released

Our first release of our new Solitaire collection is now live in the App Store for OSX and iOS. This is a set of games that I had a lot of fun making. I love card games, it’s probably the best way to pass time in short and long sessions. Mojo Solitaire Collections aims to be a complete collection of different solitaire games all within a single app.

The initial release includes:

  • Klondike Solitaire
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Mahjong Solitaire

Each game has it’s own set of unique rules and game play. Mahjong is a tile based game where you match the like pairs to clear the table.

Mojo Coins
Mojo Coins are introduced in this game, they are our own virtual currency. While playing the games you’ll unlock the mojo coins, each coin gets added to your total. These coins can later be used to unlock new features in the game, (New Backgrounds, new games, themes, etc).

If you love solitaire checkout the game and give it a try. If you have any feedback or ideas for new games feel free to send us a support request!

Download for free on iOS:
Mojo Solitaire Collection - Six Foot Three Foot

Purchase for OSX:
Mojo Solitaire Collection - Six Foot Three Foot

Apr 10

9 Slice Sprites in cocos2d 2.x

For a project I’m doing I needed a simple 9 slice sprite, just so I could reuse as many graphics as possible. There are a few examples out there already, and I’m sure they’re great. But as things go, I just like the challenge, and it only took me an hour and a half to finish. The basics of it is, you create a sprite with a file or from a SpriteFrame, and then the size of your insets. then you can scale, rotate, resize do what you like.

The code is on bitbucket, pull it down and have a play.

Usage is:

CCSprite9Slice *spriteOne = [CCSprite9Slice spriteWithSpriteFrameName:@"button_pause.png" inset:CGSizeMake(6,6)];
[self addChild:spriteOne];

CCSprite9Slice *spriteTwo = [CCSprite9Slice spriteWithFile:@"scaleGraphic.png" inset:CGSizeMake(10, 16)];
[self addChild:spriteTwo];

[spriteOne setSize:CGSizeMake(100, 200)];

[spriteOne setPosition:ccp(80, 160)];

[spriteTwo setPosition:ccp(300, 160)];

[spriteOne setSize:CGSizeMake(150, 120)];

9 Slice sprites are great for menus and buttons, and hopefully this class will help others.

Mar 25

Happy Belated 2013

I am taking a short breather to give an update of what’s been going on and what I’m working on.

Since August 2012 I have been juggling contracts for other companies, so most of the Six Foot Three Foot games have been put on hold. March 10th I finished, and have been working full speed on all the Six Foot Three Foot work. I have shipped off a new game for OSX to Apple, pending review. It’s called ‘Mojo Solitaire Collection’ it’s a collection of, you guessed it, solitaire games. It currently features Klondike, Spider, and Mahjong (tile game). There’s a fun feature in there where you can earn coins by winning games, and use those to unlock new features, such as backgrounds, etc. New games will be rolled out as I plan to grow the title quite a bit in the coming months.

Also a new update for Mojo Video Poker for Mac is out, which adds 25% more poker! A whole new game is added, and several fixes. The new game is the most addictively fun video poker game I’ve had the pleasure to program. I hope everyone loves the update as well.

Retro Art Studio got a big bug fix release out for iOS as well as a separate release for Android. I have a new art program going into the paid iOS version shortly, which help you relive even more childhood art projects! More on that coming soon…

The biggest project I’m working on at the moment is a Multiplayer mode for Word Jumblerama Blitz for iOS. This is a big task, and it’s coming along well. I really hope to finish the new interface (the multiplayer is done), and get the release out to Apple this week, before Easter break.

Mojo Solitaire will be ported to iOS shortly, as well as the Mojo Video Poker update will be included in Mojo Video Poker HD shortly as well. On top of that, I have 5 other games in progress. Some may bundle together, but one of them is a labor of love (it was my very first mobile game in 2003, that I’m bringing back to iOS for the first time), so a very busy time! But I’m always open / ready for more work, if you have an idea and are looking for someone to help out, feel free to contact me.

You can also take a look at the apps I developed for clients over the last several months, and you’ll understand why I didn’t have much time to do my own games for a while! (One app was for 3 platforms in 6 weeks, using augmented reality). You can read about them here on the ‘Our work’ page.

If you play my games and enjoy them, please take a moment to rate them, it helps me a lot.

Dec 31

2012 – Year in Review

Well it’s been my busiest year ever. Six Foot Three Foot has kept me busy full time for a whole calendar year. Some projects got shifted, some got shelved, some got released. Over the year, we saw Retro Art Studio grow across both iOS / Android to the point where at any moment in time there were at least 100 people playing the game around the world. For a small developer like myself, that’s a huge accomplishment.

What I’ve done:

Mojo Video Poker has done excellent on the Mac platform, we really wish people could find it on iOS, it truly is the best video poker app out there, and I’m not just saying that because I made it. It really was made by a video poker player for video poker enthusiasts.

Word Jumblerama Blitz, this came out of a personal challenge to make a game in 1 week, I did and it actually did quite well. For a free game, with very little graphical polish, the game keeps people playing in long sessions (sometimes an hour or more), which is fantastic. I’d like to see it get a wider audience, especially on android, and have some ideas to help that out for the next year.

Also Six Foot did a bit of contracting work within New Zealand. I’ve been helping out at Carnival Labs, and helped them on a tight deadline for an app for CNN. Then I took over a project for iOS (iPhone / iPad) for a feature film promotion. I did 5 of the 6 releases, including some graphic work, all the level design, and programming. In the end I made 5 unique programs under the umbrella program, sometimes with less than 2 weeks to develop one. I was also in control of localization, and asset management. Several lessons learned there, and a lot of fun working on new projects. We finished off the year starting a new contract at Trade Me a company in NZ which to put simply, is the eBay of New Zealand. I’ll continue that contract into the next year, and hope to provide them with some good work.

That’s the summary of what we did.

What I didn’t do.

Episode 9:
I had wanted to start work on Episode 9, a not so secret, secret project. However it’s a huge labor of love, taking one of my favorite creations, and bringing it back to life. As a result, along with working 16 hours a day 7 days a week… I didn’t feel I could fully commit to it. I hope to change that very soon.

Box Stuffer:
This was a puzzle game I had started, (I’ve started about 20 puzzle games), it is a good idea, I have all the functional bits, but I don’t have the resources to do the level design. That’s something that I’m not sure I’m the best to do, which has been a blocker on a few projects. I need to either commit to doing it, or find someone to help. This project is still around, even looked at it last week, but it’s on the back burner for now.

New Ideas

Some new things that came out this year which are in progress, I’ll even put a little marker to estimate how far they are.

  • Mojo Casino – (iOS / Mac) [25% Complete] : This was an ambitious project I started to create a collection of casino games that can be played on all devices. I know there are many casino apps out there, so my goal was to make something that was fun, accessible, and didn’t rob you blind of fake credits like most virtual casinos on these platforms do.
  • Mojo Solitaire – (iOS / Mac) [75% Complete]: This is a collection of single player games that help you pass the time. Initially to be released with Spider Solitaire, Klondike, and Mahjong Solitaire. The game was just about ready for release in June, but a new job took precedence, and I can only afford 1-2 hours a week right now. But I do plan to get the first release out ASAP.
  • Arcade Collection – (iOS) [10% Complete] : This is a collection of arcade style games, that are quick play. It is meant to be small fun games, like in a quarter arcade way back when. The goal is for all the games to be compatible with the iCade controller, for a mini arcade at home.
  • Photo Booth – (iOS) [20% Complete] : This is an app that allows you to take photos, and do some fun tweaking, modifying, etc. I know it sounds like other apps, but I hope this one will be slightly different, and more accessible. Plus we’ll never sell your photos…
  • Localive & MediaDirect – (iOS) [ 30% Complete ] – This is a framework I’ve found a need for after working with international clients on rapid development projects. First is Localive, a way to dynamically update text after an app is released (currently you need to release a new version.) I hope this will help people push out apps with functional changes, and then have the localization catch up while the app is in review, saving between 6-16 days per release, a huge saving for a developer over time. MediaDirect, is a tool for quickly and easily serving hosted content to devices. The need this came out of was releasing a universal app with retina graphics, meaning an iPhone had to install with iPad Retina, iPad, iPhone Retina, and iPhone graphics, it became a nightmare in terms of app size. So the goal now is to just ship with baseline graphics, then use the MediaDirect Framework to pull the appropriate assets for the device. Obviously managing of the assets is required, but the Framework should make handling the assets transparent.

As you can see, I’ve been busy and plan to be more so! My work is building and building, as are my relationships with people who make apps, and those who want them. I continue to offer help to just about anyone who needs some input, (I started this company in 1998, so I’ve been around a few blocks). Now I blogged all this, I’m excited to get working again! But right now it’s time to take my family to the park.

Oct 04

Taking our first step away from Mac App Store to Direct Sales

I’ll must admit I love the idea of the mac app store, and the ios store. They take all the work off my plate and take care of the payments, the distribution, and rights control. However what I am now completely jaded by is the inexcusable turn around times. Our last update which we apparently need to fix, took 28 days to be reviewed, only to be rejected due to an incompatibility with an OS that shipped after we submitted the app!

The first time we sent our apps to apple for the Mac we were looking at 7-10 days, not bad. But now it’s taking near a month or more to get any feedback, especially to find out that your small change was rejected. The hard thing is, Im trying to address user issues in a timely manner. I always respond to user requests ASAP when they contact me, but to then tell the user ‘I fixed it, now wait a month or more for Apple to approve it’ just sucks to be honest. It makes us (small developers) look incompetent. The other issue is that a month has passed, and I have been working on 6 other apps since then, I really am not in the mindset to go in and fix another issue in that app. So now it’ll take me a lot of time to find the room to fit it in my schedule, plus I then have to retest is, et al, then wait another month to hear back from Apple.

All in all, it’s not a good situation. I lose out on a month+ of potential sales, and my customers more importantly are getting less updates in a very infrequent manner. There are good things to the App Store, they make finding apps easy, and installing / upgrading is good. I don’t really mind the cut they take if the service was up to par. But I don’t see the justification of 30% of my revenue when I can’t get a timely amount of customer service (which I pay for in a yearly subscription to Apple plus the 30% cut of all my sales). This isn’t a new rant by developers, but it is for me. I’ve long had an affection for Apple’s system, mainly because I helped watch it grow and helped make it grow when I worked there for 5 years. But now, I’m a bit jaded and disappointed. My customers are the only thing keeping my small shop going, and if I can address their issues in a timely fashion, due to an overly lengthy review process by a 3rd party then I think it’s best I find an alternative.

So I now to my own dismay have to create a sales portal, re do all my software validation, and include a way of doing key gen to prevent piracy. This is way more work than I want to do, which is probably what Apple accounts for. But I’m in a corner as I have 2 new apps I want to release and 3 updates to existing apps. I can’t lose 6 months total over those apps waiting for Apple to get review (and getting paid for it from their royalty cut). So, I will do these things, I will create a way to sell my apps directly to consumers, I will implement authentication, I will create an online store, I will do all these things I was so happy to hand over to Apple years ago. It’s disappointing but it’s just a reality. I’ll be working on it as soon as possible, I already signed up with a very well reviewed / popular e-commerce company to handle the sales. They’re called FastSpring, they allow me to add apps to my site and sell directly.

I didn’t want to fragment out into another store such as bodega, and I know my apps would never get approved by Steam as they’re not AAA titles. Also I’m sick of fragmentation, I hate it on Android, and I want to avoid it as much as possible. So I’ll provide my apps direct for sale from our website.

What does this mean for existing mac store users? Well I will always keep my mac store apps up and alive. Apple only lets me submit 1 build at a time, so if we are 3 out of 4 weeks Waiting for Review and I have a new version to send them, I have 2 choices, either remove the existing one, and submit the new one and start the 4 week countdown all over, or wait 1 week if the app gets approved then upload the next version. It’s painful, but that’s what we’ll have to deal with.

The website versions will be able to be updated faster, and direct to the users. They will not be able to be upgraded via the Mac app store, but people who buy from the Mac app store will get updates, they will just take longer unfortunately due to the process above. For my customers, which will I recommend going forward? Ideally purchasing directly from us would be better, because I can address your issues directly. If you have the Mac App store version, I can’t give you the non-app store version if I make a fix, you’ll have to wait for the Mac store version to be updated. However if you (customer) feel more comfortable with Apple handling the transactions than our provider (fastspring) then by all means use them, just know that updates will be slower. On the plus side it looks like I keep a small amount more if you buy direct, something like 10% goes to the provider, and 90% to taxes and myself.

As I find the time I’ll be implementing this new model in our apps and putting them up for sale on the web as we get there. But it’ll take a whole lot of software writing to get there to implement all this. And I am currently writing 12 hours of code a day for a client, so I’m pretty flat out at the moment… but I’m sure it’ll take me much less time than Apple to approve our next submission…

Sep 10

Word Jumblerama for Android Released

Word Jumblerama Blitz has made it’s way to the android platform, and is now available via google play as well as on the Amazon App Store.

Word Jumblerama Blitz for Android is a free to play game (ad supported), and features Kiip integration where available. Kiip allows players to earn real rewards for getting high scores and achievements. In Word Jumblerama, if you can hit a high score you can unlock an award, easy peasy. It’s a great game for people who love the old board games like boggle, and doing news paper word jumbles.

Game Features:

  • Fast two minute games
  • Multiple colorful themes
  • Free to play
  • Kiip Rewards*

Get it on Google Play!

Or Don't

Get it on Amazon!

*Kiip is dependent on location. Rewards are handled through the Kiip service, not us.

Sep 10

Cocos2dx Migration -> Seventh update (44 hours) And now to rest

Whew! What a rush, I’m exhausted. Squeezing in an app release in the middle of a full time job, 6 maintenance releases of other apps, and jumping between 3 languages on 4 platforms, all I can say is ‘I need a relax’. But there is no rest for the weary, my current contract job is in high gear and I have to finish a whole cocos2d world for 2 different devices (so technically 2 worlds) in 4 days.

That said, we’re done I guess. We’ll find out if there’s glaring issues when it’s out there, but this is the first step to this app’s long future. So the last few things I did, is added a little gloss, some custom labels i’ve wanted in there for a while, added a help screen, and some other bug fixes here and there. There’s a bit more to go, but this was a good baseline release, a playable game, with Kiip rewards in there, and out the door in under the 48 hours I guestimated. That’s always a good sign.

Going forward, I need to start wrenching in the iOS code from the original objc version, this time to get game center back in there, and other custom iOS only things that need to be in obj. I also have a version that I’ve been working on for iOS which is multiplayer, I’m really excited for that, but it’s very very hard to test by oneself! two computers, two devices, two GDB’s, and single source code synched up, it’s very time consuming! But I’ll get to that later. I also want to release for Amazon market, but I haven’t really figured it out yet, I sent one app to them and it’s stuck in some queue, and it doesn’t make much sense. But i’ll post experiences on that vs google later (once I get it up and running!)

Anyway, I should probably cover a lot more detail in what I did, but I’m just happy to be done. I’ll come back in the +4 hours and do a proper post mortem, maybe see how the initial pick up is and see if there’s any comments to be made on Kiip. That may be down the line to see how it pans out, but still lots to cover. I have to get back to work, lots of more projects ahead.

Blogging this was pretty fun, maybe I’ll do some more, and start adding a few more technical bits and share some code again (once I get organized). Till next time…

Oh! By the way, how about some links? The app is free on all mobile and only a couple bucks on OSX. Game programming is a passion for me, not a financial gain, so if you do enjoy anything here pick up a game it’s a great way to say ‘thanks’ and keep me working on ’em.

Here’s the original cocos2d (currently) (universal)iOS version:
Word Jumblerama Blitz - Six Foot Three Foot

Mac version (Paid because no ad support, but very cheap!) :
Word Jumblerama Blitz - Six Foot Three Foot

Google Play Version (The one this blog followed! cocos2d-x, Kiip):
Or Don't

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