Mojo Solitaire Collection
Mojo Solitaire Collection – OSX

Mojo Solitaire Collection

Mojo Solitaire Collection is a collection of Solitaire based games for iOS and OSX. The initial release features 3 games, Klondike, Spider and Mahjong. Each game has some configurable options, (Difficulty and Card Deal amounts for example). The games also feature a way to unlock in game items (such as new backgrounds). By earning ‘Mojo Coins’ you can use these as the internal credit in the app. The coins will be earned by winning games, when you see a card or tile with a coin on it, when you free that card / tile you’ll get the coin added to your coin stash. Those coins then can be used in the ‘Accessory Store’ to unlock new items.


  • Klondike Solitaire – The Classic Computer Solitaire we all know
  • Spider Solitaire – The challenging game of lining up your suits in sequential order over 10 columns
  • Mahjong – A non-card game based on tiles, match the tiles to clear the board
  • All games support resuming them if you close the game.
  • Unlockable backgrounds (3 Sets of photography, taken by myself)
  • Help is included for all games, explaining play and rules.
  • Mojo Coins! – Our in game currency for unlocking features.
Available on the Mac App Store
Available on the Mac App Store

Download for free on iOS:
Mojo Solitaire Collection - Six Foot Three Foot

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