11s Up Version 3.0

Exactly 1 year after 2.0 hit the app stores Version 3.0 is ready. This is a complete graphic rehaul, the core engine was re-written and I found a gameplay issue that was not true to the original game. Also added a new initial based leaderboard (a requested feature to know who in the family is winning!). This was a labor of love of my most popular game currently. I’m really proud of the work the artist did, and the work I spent cleaning up the game.

While it doesn’t suit everyone I find most people really enjoy the changes. If you haven’t played it, please pick it up and let me know what you think! (If you have issues please let me know, leaving it on the app store is a hard way to find out something didn’t work the way you expected. 🙁 )

11s Up!
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From the crypt

I have resurrected this really old website. I’ve been struggling to try to throw together a new website, and realized I’d much rather be programming games. Most of the game information is from 2013, which amazes me that in 2021 most of these games are still kicking! I have new games I need to get up here, so instead of starting from scratch I’ll just add on to this old boy for now.

Mojo Video Poker is now on Windows 8 platforms

Mojo Video Poker, our top rated iOS / Mac app is now available on more platforms. We recently released it on android, and today we released it for Windows 8 and Windows 8 phone. Mojo Video Poker for Windows brings the core gameplay from the original game with some graphical enhancements. We are planning on growing the new release on all platforms.

Mojo Video Poker for Windows Platforms, features classic vegas style 5 card draw video poker. You are dealt 5 cards from a deck, you select the best ones (or none) to make a winning hand then draw between 0-5 cards (depending on what you held), to win. Like all versions of Mojo Video Poker, the poker is free, the credits are there for scoring, and if you run out you’ll be allotted more. There are no in-app purchases for credits. The basic game is free, (*Ad supported where available). We will introduce more features and games as the game grows. If the game proves to be as popular on other platforms as it is on iOS/MAC we will be excited to do some new features and games in the very near future!

Download for your platform here:






Mahjong 3D and Mojo Video Poker for Android

We finally gave some love to Android over the last two weeks. We published our new Mahjong 3D game on the Android market last week, and today released our first version of Mojo Video Poker for Android. Mojo Video Poker was our first iOS app, and it’s our most successful Mac app, now Android users can play the game as well!

Mojo Mahjong 3D

  • Full 3D graphics
  • Move and Manipulate the board for a better view
  • Includes 5 unique layouts
  • Shuffle the dice, get hints, and clear the board to win
  • Two finger drag to move the board around
  • New layouts and designs coming soon!
  • Free

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Mojo Video Poker

  • Completely redesigned and programmed form scratch
  • Same great gameplay as the original on iOS / Mac that made it the top rated video poker game
  • 5 Unique payouts
  • New game modes coming soon
  • Free

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Augmented Reality, Video Poker, Dinosaurs, and Word Puzzles

It’s been ages since I’ve updated the blog. Mainly because we’ve been so busy! In the last few months we’ve picked up our first new member of the team in ages. He’s helping us with some client work right now, we’re doing a followup to an Augmented Reality game we did for a couple brands in the USA. This followup was launched due to the success of the first campaign, and thankfully we were asked to carry out the work again! Augmented reality is becoming a daily part of our business, we do it for clients, and also have some projects we’re working on internally for education using Augmented Reality. We are hoping that we can get some support from NZ government to help us carry out an edutainment product for children.

Mojo Video poker had an update in May, this released a whole new game ‘Chase the Multiplier’ which is the most addicting video poker game to date! It’s extremely fun, and we still don’t charge for coins so what you pay is what you get, if you run out the game simply gives you more without additional purchases. Please check out Mojo Video Poker for your platform and let us know what you think!

Retro Art Studio has been doing great and we have a HUGE new version coming out, but it’s so big it’ll take some time for us to finish it. The key thing is some new ‘advanced’ drawing tools people have asked for, as well as the most often requested feature, a gallery. But this is a lot of work so please be patient!

In the pipe we have a set of word puzzle games coming soon, tentatively called Mojo Word Puzzle Games, we love word games and this is a collection of our favorites from the Sunday newspaper. Included is Word Search, Anagrams, and Word Jumble. There will be some fun twists and challenges as well, we hope to have this finalized through testing early August.

The biggest project we have coming up is a 13 year old one that I’ve had with me for a while. It was to be my 2nd game, and it never came to fruition. I spoke at a game conference in Auckland, NZ last month and feeding off the energy I spoke about the idea and had enough enthusiasm from people to pursue it. We’ve teamed up with an amazing artist who is breathing amazing life into the project, and it involved dinosaurs. We will be making a huge announcement on this project soon.

Lastly I’m tutoring a student from Auckland to make her first mobile video game. So far it’s coming along great, and as it comes playable I’ll have her share some info about it on this site to show everyone what New Zealand students are making these days.

Mojo Solitaire Collection for iOS / OSX Released

Our first release of our new Solitaire collection is now live in the App Store for OSX and iOS. This is a set of games that I had a lot of fun making. I love card games, it’s probably the best way to pass time in short and long sessions. Mojo Solitaire Collections aims to be a complete collection of different solitaire games all within a single app.

The initial release includes:

  • Klondike Solitaire
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Mahjong Solitaire

Each game has it’s own set of unique rules and game play. Mahjong is a tile based game where you match the like pairs to clear the table.

Mojo Coins
Mojo Coins are introduced in this game, they are our own virtual currency. While playing the games you’ll unlock the mojo coins, each coin gets added to your total. These coins can later be used to unlock new features in the game, (New Backgrounds, new games, themes, etc).

If you love solitaire checkout the game and give it a try. If you have any feedback or ideas for new games feel free to send us a support request!

Download for free on iOS:
Mojo Solitaire Collection - Six Foot Three Foot

Purchase for OSX:
Mojo Solitaire Collection - Six Foot Three Foot

Happy Belated 2013

I am taking a short breather to give an update of what’s been going on and what I’m working on.

Since August 2012 I have been juggling contracts for other companies, so most of the Six Foot Three Foot games have been put on hold. March 10th I finished, and have been working full speed on all the Six Foot Three Foot work. I have shipped off a new game for OSX to Apple, pending review. It’s called ‘Mojo Solitaire Collection’ it’s a collection of, you guessed it, solitaire games. It currently features Klondike, Spider, and Mahjong (tile game). There’s a fun feature in there where you can earn coins by winning games, and use those to unlock new features, such as backgrounds, etc. New games will be rolled out as I plan to grow the title quite a bit in the coming months.

Also a new update for Mojo Video Poker for Mac is out, which adds 25% more poker! A whole new game is added, and several fixes. The new game is the most addictively fun video poker game I’ve had the pleasure to program. I hope everyone loves the update as well.

Retro Art Studio got a big bug fix release out for iOS as well as a separate release for Android. I have a new art program going into the paid iOS version shortly, which help you relive even more childhood art projects! More on that coming soon…

The biggest project I’m working on at the moment is a Multiplayer mode for Word Jumblerama Blitz for iOS. This is a big task, and it’s coming along well. I really hope to finish the new interface (the multiplayer is done), and get the release out to Apple this week, before Easter break.

Mojo Solitaire will be ported to iOS shortly, as well as the Mojo Video Poker update will be included in Mojo Video Poker HD shortly as well. On top of that, I have 5 other games in progress. Some may bundle together, but one of them is a labor of love (it was my very first mobile game in 2003, that I’m bringing back to iOS for the first time), so a very busy time! But I’m always open / ready for more work, if you have an idea and are looking for someone to help out, feel free to contact me.

You can also take a look at the apps I developed for clients over the last several months, and you’ll understand why I didn’t have much time to do my own games for a while! (One app was for 3 platforms in 6 weeks, using augmented reality). You can read about them here on the ‘Our work’ page.

If you play my games and enjoy them, please take a moment to rate them, it helps me a lot.

Word Jumblerama for Android Released

Word Jumblerama Blitz has made it’s way to the android platform, and is now available via google play as well as on the Amazon App Store.

Word Jumblerama Blitz for Android is a free to play game (ad supported), and features Kiip integration where available. Kiip allows players to earn real rewards for getting high scores and achievements. In Word Jumblerama, if you can hit a high score you can unlock an award, easy peasy. It’s a great game for people who love the old board games like boggle, and doing news paper word jumbles.

Game Features:

  • Fast two minute games
  • Multiple colorful themes
  • Free to play
  • Kiip Rewards*

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*Kiip is dependent on location. Rewards are handled through the Kiip service, not us.

Word Jumblerama Blitz for OSX Released

Word Jumblerama Blitz, our popular quick fix word finding game is now available for OSX. Featuring the same great gameplay as on the iOS version the OSX version includes unlock able achievements, multiple themes, and the fun quick action you’ve come to know.

The OSX version is ad free and only $1.99! If you haven’t played Word Jumblerama Blitz yet, check out the free iOS version (ad supported) and give it a try.

Word Jumblerama Blitz - Six Foot Three Foot

Word Jumblerama Blitz for iOS Released

Word Jumblerama Blitz Icon

Our new iOS game is released! Word Jumblerama Blitz, is a fast paced word searching game. The game is a free download from iTunes, and supports Game Center.

If you like word games, and are a quick word finder then give the game a shot and see how you fare on the game center leaderboards! This is the first release, and we are planning to incorporate two player vs match making very soon.

Game information Page

Word Jumblerama Blitz - Six Foot Three Foot