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Here I’ll try to keep a semi-current list of projects we’ve done for clients.

Emirates Team New Zealand – America’s Cup
Emirates Team New Zealand

Emirates Team New Zealand – (iPhone, Android)
Release Date : Jun 2013
Development Time : 6 Weeks
Client: Animation Research Ltd. (Dunedin)
Involvement: I was contracted to help make a custom version of the America’s Cup app for Team Emirates. I used the existing foundation code from the America’s Cup app and added a new interface, new social media features, and customized the data for Team Emirates. This was done natively on both iOS and Android.


  1. Live viewing of the Teams racing
  2. Direct Twitter feed connection to Team Emirates
  3. Team and Crew profile pages

Big Kick Challenge
Big Kick Challenge - Client work for Carnival Labs

Big Kick Challenge App – (iPhone, Android, Web (Unity3d))
Release Date : Sept 2013
Development Time : 7 Weeks
Client: Carnival Labs (for Buffalo Wild Wings / Coca Cola / ESPN)
Involvement: I was brought on as the technical lead, game designer, sole programmer. This was a spiritual follow up to the Augmented Reality game ‘Big Shot Basketball’. I was contact by Carnival Labs to take the lead on this project following the success of the previous one I had developed. This time we published for 3 platforms, iOS, Android, and Web (Unity Web).

  1. Augmented Reality on iOS / Android
  2. Custom online Leaderboard integration
  3. Developed in under 7 weeks across all 3 platforms

Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians for iOS

Rise of the Guardians App – (iPad / iPhone)

Release Date: Oct – Dec 2012 (Multiple Releases)
Development Time : 15 Weeks
Client: Carnival Labs (for Dreamworks Animation)
Involvmeent: Took over the app after the first phase, and developed, designed, and released the subsequent 5 phases (characters), as well as integrated localisation.

  1. Large Parallax scrolling world, and animation: (Tooth Fairy Character)
  2. Video Playback / Animation overlay: (Sandman Character)
  3. Interactive world exploration, animation, atmosphere, sound fx: (Pitch Character)
  4. Photo booth, take a photo with character in film, and apply effects to it: (Jack Character)
  5. Letter to Santa, write a letter and send it to Santa: (Santa Character)

Technical: Mixture of OpenGL (Cococ2d) and UIKit.

Big Shot Challenge

Big Shot Challenge App – (iPhone, Android, Web (flash))
Release Date : Feb 2013
Development Time : 8 Weeks
Client: Carnival Labs (for Buffalo Wild Wings / Coca Cola)
Involvement: I was involved from the early negotiation of the project in terms of game design, game play, tech research. In the end we decided to do the game using Augmented Reality (per clients request), for mobile, and then non-augment version for desktop. The game was 3D and would be playable on mobile while in store during the NCAA 2013 championships. Prizes were given away for the top scores weekly and overall.

  1. Augmented Reality on iOS / Android
  2. Custom online Leaderboard integration
  3. Developed in under 8 weeks across all 3 platforms

Technical: Developed using Unity3D. iOS had native menus provided by Carnival Labs, Android / Flash I created the menus within Unity. Augmented reality was done via the Qualcomm Vuforia SDK, implemented by myself as well.
Notes: A very ambitious project on a tight deadline.

Trade Me

Trade Me – (iPad)
Release Date : Jun 2013
Development Time : 4 Weeks
Client: TradeMe
Involvement: I came in as a support role over the holidays. My job was to focus on a certain set of screens within the application and implement all the interactive handling.

  1. Custom UIKit layouts
  2. Custom Gesture based interactions

Technical: I was a support role on the larger project which was in progress when I arrived I worked a little out of my comfort zone, but received positive feedback throughout the short contract.
Notes: Unsure why the app hasn’t released, but will update with a link when it does.

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