8s Wild!

A New Game! This game is called 8s Wild, and is another solitaire / arcade style arcade game. Like 11’s up it is played in 2 timed rounds, and if you score enough points you get to the 3rd round. This is another bar-arcade favorite of mine.


  • 5 cards are dealt
  • 3 Empty card drops at the start of the game
  • Any card can be dropped on an empty card drop
  • Once a card is dropped the next card has to match the suit or the rank (A-K)
  • If the same Rank is played bonus points are awarded and the bonus for that drop increases
  • If a Suit of a different rank is played then the bonus streak ends until a new sequence starts.
    • In a round the bonus points continue to increase until the end of the round.
    • For example if in the first column you drop (5 spade), then (5 hearts) the bonus points are +500 and the increase by 500 (so next match is worth +1000), if the next card is not a 5 (different rank) such as a (9 or hearts) *the suit must match. The bonus points are not given as the rank didn’t match, however if the next card is a 9, the bonus points increase and it continues til the end of the round.
  • If you have a (8s Wild) card that can be placed at any time, however no bonus points are awarded. Any card can be placed on an 8s Wild card


  • Points are awarded for each card played. There is a play timer (the round circle on the face down card) that counts down after each card is played. This awards extra points, so quick play is encouraged for more points.
  • If a rank match is made then bonus points for that drop are awarded
  • If a round finishes, and all the non-8 cards have been played
    • Bonus points are awarded for clearing the cards
    • Remaining time on the main counter is added to the score (1000 pts per timer dot)
    • Any remaining 8’s are worth the following. e.g.
      • 1 = 10,000, 2 = 20,000, 3 = 30,000 4 = 50,000
      • (If you had 3 8s Wild at the end of the round you’d get 10,000 + 20,000 + 30,000 = 60,000)
  • If enough points are scored between the two rounds you can go to the 3rd bonus round for even more points

It’s a very simple fun card game, if you’ve familiar with solitaire or uno like games this will be a cinch to pick up.

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