I am based in Wellington, New Zealand. I have worked in mobile since 2001, and have extensive experience on Apple products. I currently work in the casual gaming, creativity, productivity, and occasional enterprise application development. 

Six Foot Three Foot was founded in 1994 in San Jose, California by two friends. We began developing games for BBS networks. Our first game was “SpaceBoy and the Search of Vanilla Bean”, an adventure action game where a young astronaut is caught trying to save his albino gecko from atomic bees and exploding bananas. A couple years later the internet evolved and we made a few Java games for browsers.

In 2003, the first stab at commercial gaming was attempted by us. The first project released was a puzzle game for the Gameboy Advance called ‘Mojo Money Match’, unfortunately it never got a hold of a publisher. Since then the ‘company’ has moved focus to applications that don’t require 3rd party publishing. We moved to mobile phone development, and published several games and applications for J2ME based phones. In 2007 the company went quiet, as I packed up and moved to the other side of the planet. In 2008 I relocated in New Zealand, and started picking up development on some new projects.

In 2010 my first new game was released for the iPhone / iPod Touch. Mojo Video Poker is a collection of Vegas style video poker games. It features two modes of play, and 4 different games to play on each mode. As of 2022 I’ve published almost 20 games under my name and have built games and applications for many companies in NZ and beyond.  

Six Foot Three Foot is now based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Our mascot is ‘Noob’ the little red one in the corner. Don’t mind the horns, she’s very personable.