Mojo Mahjong 3D

Mojo Mahjong 3D is a collection of free mahjong solitaire layouts in a fully 3D world. The board can be flipped, rotated, while playing the game.

How to Play:
Select a valid tile and find it’s matching pair. Tiles are locked if they have neighbors on both sides, or a tile sitting on top of them. Once a tile is unlocked you can match it with another unlocked pair. Special tiles, Seasons and Flowers are wild, and you can match any Season to any Season (E.g. Win matches with Sun). Flowers are wild as well. All other tiles need to match exactly.

You can zoom, rotate, and move the board around for a better view. Use two fingers to drag the board around, and the buttons on the right to manipulate the 3D rotation.

• Full 3D Rendered layouts
• Animated effects when clearing tiles
• 6 Layouts
• Special Layouts on certain days will appear!
• 3 Different Tile Styles
• Two Finger Dragging of the board
• Rotate and skew the board in a 3D space
• New Puzzles added constantly
• Available for Free on just about every platform!

Android (Google)
Android (Amazon)
Win 8 Phone (Coming Soon)

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