Games and Apps

Word Search Daily – iOS/Android (Released 2023)

Tri Towers – IOS/Android OSX – (Released 2022)

Massive Video Poker – Android (Released 2022)

Massive Video Poker is the spiritual sequel to Mojo Video Poker, featuring new games updated graphics and sounds.

8s Wild! for IOS / Android- (Released 2021)

A suit / number matching game against the clock. Like a fast paced single player Uno / Solitaire game.

11s Up! IOS/Android OSX – (Released 2019/2021)

The classic 11s Up game once common in bars and pubs on table top machines, known by a variety of names this was my take on it.

Word Jumblerama Blitz- (Released 2012)

A 2 minute timed game where you try to find as many unique words as possible from adjoining letters.

Beat Bloxx – (Released 2013) IOS

A classic Beat rhythm game, listen to the pattern and then try to match the pattern notes and timing to score big.

Mojo Video Poker (Old Version – 2010)

More to come…