Mojo Video Poker is now on Windows 8 platforms

Mojo Video Poker, our top rated iOS / Mac app is now available on more platforms. We recently released it on android, and today we released it for Windows 8 and Windows 8 phone. Mojo Video Poker for Windows brings the core gameplay from the original game with some graphical enhancements. We are planning on growing the new release on all platforms.

Mojo Video Poker for Windows Platforms, features classic vegas style 5 card draw video poker. You are dealt 5 cards from a deck, you select the best ones (or none) to make a winning hand then draw between 0-5 cards (depending on what you held), to win. Like all versions of Mojo Video Poker, the poker is free, the credits are there for scoring, and if you run out you’ll be allotted more. There are no in-app purchases for credits. The basic game is free, (*Ad supported where available). We will introduce more features and games as the game grows. If the game proves to be as popular on other platforms as it is on iOS/MAC we will be excited to do some new features and games in the very near future!

Download for your platform here: