11s Up Version 3.0

Exactly 1 year after 2.0 hit the app stores Version 3.0 is ready. This is a complete graphic rehaul, the core engine was re-written and I found a gameplay issue that was not true to the original game. Also added a new initial based leaderboard (a requested feature to know who in the family is winning!). This was a labor of love of my most popular game currently. I’m really proud of the work the artist did, and the work I spent cleaning up the game.

While it doesn’t suit everyone I find most people really enjoy the changes. If you haven’t played it, please pick it up and let me know what you think! (If you have issues please let me know, leaving it on the app store is a hard way to find out something didn’t work the way you expected. 🙁 )

11s Up!
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