Mojo Solitaire Collection for iOS / OSX Released

Our first release of our new Solitaire collection is now live in the App Store for OSX and iOS. This is a set of games that I had a lot of fun making. I love card games, it’s probably the best way to pass time in short and long sessions. Mojo Solitaire Collections aims to be a complete collection of different solitaire games all within a single app.

The initial release includes:

  • Klondike Solitaire
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Mahjong Solitaire

Each game has it’s own set of unique rules and game play. Mahjong is a tile based game where you match the like pairs to clear the table.

Mojo Coins
Mojo Coins are introduced in this game, they are our own virtual currency. While playing the games you’ll unlock the mojo coins, each coin gets added to your total. These coins can later be used to unlock new features in the game, (New Backgrounds, new games, themes, etc).

If you love solitaire checkout the game and give it a try. If you have any feedback or ideas for new games feel free to send us a support request!

Download for free on iOS:
Mojo Solitaire Collection - Six Foot Three Foot

Purchase for OSX:
Mojo Solitaire Collection - Six Foot Three Foot

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