As long as we have work in, we have work to offer. Keep in mind we are a micro studio, so it involves long hours, little pay (if any upfront) and big rewards.

Ideally you’ll be local so we can catch up face to face, go for a 10 pin bowl or a pint, (or both).

Current opportunities:

  • Sales Rep – A door knocker, someone who can bring in some clients, so our devs can do what they do best.
  • Artist(s) – We can always use art for our existing, and in development projects.  Send us what you’ve got, if it fits we’ll talk.
  • Developer –  Our requirements are unreasonably high, but if you think you’re a good fit, let us know.


Sales Rep:

  • A black book is preferred, but not necessary
  • The ability to knock on doors and get the work in while building solid relationships going forward is key
  • Pay would be commission based to start, (You bring work, you get paid)
  • Must be able to keep up with the founder technically (or at least digest the knowledge coherently)
  • Can work anywhere, as long as the work comes in we don’t mind your locale


  • Have game experience is a plus, but honestly not required
  • A showing of commitment, we have worked with many artists who lose the fire 1/2 way through, so commitment is key
  • A love for the craft of app / game development.  See new technology as a new transport mechanism for art, not a replacement
  • UI Design is a huge plus
  • Some Programming knowledge (on our supported platforms) is a huge plus as well
  • Ideally local

Artist(s) – One off commissions:

  • Want a short term gig?
  • A student looking for something to get out there?
  • We give you a task, you complete it within the timeline to our standards, we keep the work with license to use forever, you get paid. easy.


  • Must have serious programming skills (Could be garage trained, but the work needs to show through)
  • Must provide source code to a complex solution they’ve created.  (hint: High complexity && Small code == BIG Points)
  • Must have in depth knowledge of GIT (Branching, merging, submodules, patching, rebasing)
  • Must have solid Linux/OSX knowledge (not optional, you will be tested)
  • Be prepared to develop something working in 60 minutes during your interview. The topic will be selected at the point of interview
  • Cocos2d-x (C++ OpenGL lib) is extremely attractive
  • Professional programming experience on C++ &! Objective C
  • Must have no fear of pointers
  • Must work well under extreme scrutiny

* (We DID mention being a dev on our team is hard… But it’s worth it.)