Word Search Daily

A Word Search game, with a custom back end that creates a new puzzle every day. Also included hundreds of default puzzles and replay-able previous daily puzzles. Made with Unity

Tri Towers

Tri Towers (Tri Peak Solitaire) is a classic puzzle / solitaire game, where you try to clear all the cards by selecting a card one rank higher or lower, if you clear a stack you unlock a door, unlock all 3 doors for a bonus. The game is played in 2 rounds, if you reach a high score you get a 3rd bonus round. Made with Unity

8s Wild

A fast action card game, where you try to create runs by placing cards of the same rank or suit on top of each stack. By placing the same rank you increase the score of each stack, 8s are wild and allow you to place any suit on top of a stack. Made in Unity

Massive Video Poker

Massive Video Poker is a spiritual sequel to my first IOS mobile app ‘Mojo Video Poker’. This game includes 3 unique video poker games each with 6 different payouts, ad based free video poker simulation. (No gambling or purchases) Made with Unity

Word Oasis

A Word Search game, that has a daily challenge with leaderboards, as well as multiplayer puzzle where you can play against many people on the same puzzle. Create multiple words to build up multiplier combos, and try to get as many words as you can within the 2 minute limit. Made with Unity