Application Archive

All things have a lifetime, including software. Even though most of these are long gone, they are not forgotten.

This is a list of our previous works (At least those that we can remember):

2004Netflixter – (Inky Software)WindowsA native queue management system for Netflix. Developed by our sister company Inky Software
2003Mojo Money Match MobileJ2MEDeveloped for a Sony game competition. Was later released on select devices.
2003KissmetJ2MEVirtualized childrens pokie game
2002Keno Way MasterPalm OSWay ticket calculator and simulator for Keno
2002Mojo Video PokerJ2ME/BREWJ2ME / Brew video poker game collection
2001Mojo Money MatchGameboy AdvanceA multiplayer action puzzler game with multiple AI and playable characters. Featured two-player vs mode via gameboy link cable. Winner of two independent developer contests.
1998The Adventures of Spaceboy 2JavaWeb based sequel to Spaceboy
1995The Adventures of SpaceboyBBSANSI Graphic BBS action game