Cocos2dx Migration -> Seventh update (44 hours) And now to rest

Whew! What a rush, I’m exhausted. Squeezing in an app release in the middle of a full time job, 6 maintenance releases of other apps, and jumping between 3 languages on 4 platforms, all I can say is ‘I need a relax’. But there is no rest for the weary, my current contract job is in high gear and I have to finish a whole cocos2d world for 2 different devices (so technically 2 worlds) in 4 days.

That said, we’re done I guess. We’ll find out if there’s glaring issues when it’s out there, but this is the first step to this app’s long future. So the last few things I did, is added a little gloss, some custom labels i’ve wanted in there for a while, added a help screen, and some other bug fixes here and there. There’s a bit more to go, but this was a good baseline release, a playable game, with Kiip rewards in there, and out the door in under the 48 hours I guestimated. That’s always a good sign.

Going forward, I need to start wrenching in the iOS code from the original objc version, this time to get game center back in there, and other custom iOS only things that need to be in obj. I also have a version that I’ve been working on for iOS which is multiplayer, I’m really excited for that, but it’s very very hard to test by oneself! two computers, two devices, two GDB’s, and single source code synched up, it’s very time consuming! But I’ll get to that later. I also want to release for Amazon market, but I haven’t really figured it out yet, I sent one app to them and it’s stuck in some queue, and it doesn’t make much sense. But i’ll post experiences on that vs google later (once I get it up and running!)

Anyway, I should probably cover a lot more detail in what I did, but I’m just happy to be done. I’ll come back in the +4 hours and do a proper post mortem, maybe see how the initial pick up is and see if there’s any comments to be made on Kiip. That may be down the line to see how it pans out, but still lots to cover. I have to get back to work, lots of more projects ahead.

Blogging this was pretty fun, maybe I’ll do some more, and start adding a few more technical bits and share some code again (once I get organized). Till next time…

Oh! By the way, how about some links? The app is free on all mobile and only a couple bucks on OSX. Game programming is a passion for me, not a financial gain, so if you do enjoy anything here pick up a game it’s a great way to say ‘thanks’ and keep me working on ’em.

Here’s the original cocos2d (currently) (universal)iOS version:
Word Jumblerama Blitz - Six Foot Three Foot

Mac version (Paid because no ad support, but very cheap!) :
Word Jumblerama Blitz - Six Foot Three Foot

Google Play Version (The one this blog followed! cocos2d-x, Kiip):
Or Don't

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