R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Here’s just a small note about a great man.

I worked at Apple for 5 years from 2003-2008, my first year there I was a contractor. When you start at Apple you would hear the ‘elevator’ horror stories of Mr Jobs. No one knows if they’re true or not, but it made him a legend and people got out of his way.

Well, within my first month at the company I was walking down from the 3rd story of the building I worked in. I then heard some footsteps behind me, so I began to pick up the pace of my steps. The person following picked up their pace, and eventually I felt like I was running down the stairs, I finally got to the huge metal security door and pushed my way through. I then had to see who was following me, so I turned and lo and behold, it was Steve Jobs. He was carrying a cup of coffee and on his way out the door. I then turned and reached out to hold the heavy steel door to let him through… and for some reason, I just let the door close, right on him. The coffee splashed all over, and as quick as I could I ran out of the building.

Well I ended up having a long career there, and that was the one of the two run ins I had with Mr. Jobs. That’s the only good anecdote I have of the late great Mr. Jobs. He was a good man, and did amazing things regardless of the platforms we use.

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