Windows 8 developer program feedback from Microsoft, not much help…

Well I got a response from a person, but since it’s such a generic response it may just be a robot named Barry. But this is the response Microsoft sent from my previous email.

Here’s a link to the original article you can read the email I sent them.
Email to Microsoft about Windows 8 Development

Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to clarification involving a Windows store developer subscription. This link details everything you need to get started and what we offer along with the subscription and what is free. Everything you need to be able to develop an app using our SDK is given to you including Visual Studio express. If there are other tools that we do not offer that you would like to use in the development of your app, you are required to purchase those. Please let me know if I can help you in any other way or provide any further information.

I commend them for insulting my intelligence and not reading my email, as I had been pretty thorough in my questions, which should have led them to understand I can find the web site, which is more or less that link he gave me. It actually isn’t a link to any usefull information, just the entry point to the developer site. #thanks Barry.

I followed up with a response, as that didn’t really answer my question, maybe being more clear will give me a better answer.

Hi Barry,

Can you please clarify that I can publish to the Windows 8 store with the express version of the software? I read that pro was required, and I don’t see any confirming information. I also presume that I still require a version of Windows 8 to develop for Windows 8? As in my existing windows version (not-8) wouldn’t suffice.

I’m just trying to see if the fees are Sub $100.00, Sub $1000.00, or more.

My current config is :
Windows XP VS-2010

My hardware is all Apple machines. So from your expertise what would I need to begin developing for Windows 8 Mobile and desktop, and what would the full cost of that be. Assuming I am to publish on both stores.

So here’s hoping that they’ll actually address this, as once again as a developer I’m not terribly impressed. To be honest I’ve given up on them already, but for the sake of trying to get some information for future developers I’ll keep asking the questions as long as they answer them.

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