GameCenter coming soon to Mojo Video Poker

We have just submitted our new version of Mojo Video Poker to Apple. This version has many big changes. One of the main features, is the removal of OpenFeint, and the inclusion of GameCenter. Openfeint, was our original source for online achievements and leaderboards. Unfortunately including OpenFeint caused too many users to live with the game not always launching due to a bug in OpenFeint’s handling of network changes. Now with GameCenter we decided to go with specific Apple Tools, which are better tested and integrated. Users who had OpenFeint and now have GameCenter will be automatically able to migrate their achievements from Mojo Poker to Game Center. *

Here’s a list of all the new features and changes:

  • Removed OpenFeint
  • Added GameCenter Support and Migration from OpenFeint
  • New Achievement added.
  • New Game Mode! Multiplier Poker. **
  • Fixed bug with rate prompt on Classic Poker

* Mojo Poker Lite will only transfer leaderboards, as it currently doesn’t have online achievements.

** Multiplier Poker!
That’s right, we have included a whole new game into Mojo Video poker, giving you 33% more for Free!

Multiplier poker, plays the same as classic poker, but with a random Multiplier when betting Max Credits. When playing multiplier poker, max bet is 5+1 per hand. The bonus credit goes into the random Multiplier. When the multiplier is activated, a random pick of 2x, 3x, 5x, 8x, or 10x is selected. This then multiplies your potential winnings by the multiplier for that hand.

We really hope you enjoy these new features and games. If you are enjoying playing Mojo Video Poker (or Mojo Video Poker Lite), please take a moment to rate the game on the App Store, this helps us find time to add more features and games into Mojo Video Poker making it the best video poker game on the iPhone. Feel free to pitch feature requests or issues you have on our support page.