Mojo Video Poker 1.1.1 Released

As much as we try to get every bug we can, sometimes the little stinkers slip through. An in the case of version 1.1.0 we had a big one sneak through. Due to a change last minute with the new cards we caused a memory problem on earlier iPods and iPhones. This would cause the game to crash on Devices pre 3gs iPhone and 3rd Gen iPod Touch. But with some excellent reports from users, and a couple crash logs we were able to find and fix the issue.

Now on our support page we added an option to attach a file, if you do have a crash you can send in the crash logs, which helps us get to the problem fast.

So if you have not updated, or had an issue please update to 1.1.1 now, it has other fixes in terms of memory usage which will improve the game on all devices. If you find any issues, or have any requests please feel free to submit them to us on our Support page!

As always, if you enjoy the game please take a moment to rate it, it helps us get more exposure and that helps us to find time to add more features.