Welcome to the New Year – 2012

Well the New Year is here. This year we plan on working hard to build up our brand and get more product out the door. We have some exciting projects in progress, we’re looking forward to working with some 3rd parties, and of course we will be updating our existing applications with new features.

A wrap up of last year:

March – Mojo Video Poker for Mac, the app has remained in the top 10 in Casino games on OSX since it’s release.
October – Mojo Video Poker HD for iPad.
December – Retro Art Studio for iPad.

We continuously updated our products throughout the year adding functionality and fixing issues. We released a total of 10 updates across all our apps.

We prototyped in house and for 3rd parties over 30 games and apps in 2011. Some of these ideas will be realized in 2012 as new releases, either by us or by a 3rd party publishing company. We have a lot of exciting projects lying around, and now we have to filter some out to release in 2012.

Our outlook:
We have a lot of sticks in the fire this year, and now we’re looking to move some projects ahead. We hope to pick up some new contacts and partnerships along the way. This is what we currently have planned.

  1. Mojo Video Poker (OSX/iPAD) update, this will bring new features to both applications, including auto-hold for all games. This is currently in testing.
  2. WJ – (iOS/OSX) This is a new application that has been in development for 9 months. We are getting close to the polishing stage. We are very excited for this release and hope we can get it to the finish line before end of Q1.
  3. Retro Art Studio (All) this is an update to Retro Art Studio our free to play retro art game collection. We are expanding our platforms and looking at touching new platforms we haven’t yet delivered to. This is hopefully in line for release in Feb / March. We also plan on a latter release adding new themes and art programs to the mix
  4. BS – (iOS/OSX) This is a new puzzle game we are currently developing. We hope to find the time to build up some levels to make it interesting and get it to users this year.
  5. Episode 9 – (iOS) This is a very large title we hope to do this year. This is bringing to life a popular series of cartoons we published years ago. We plan to make an interactive game / story that will take players through the adventures of our fearless hero.
  6. Finance Apps – (iOS/TBD) A collection of apps to manage different aspects of finances. A collection of tools we’ve had internally we’ve found useful over the years.

If we have time projects, these are ones we’ve started and would love to work more on.

  1. GORB – (iOS) The gravity based action puzzle
  2. The Adventurers – (iOS) A retro-ish point and click adventure
  3. TnP – (iOS/Other) A collection of musical toys for children
  4. Color With Me – (iOS/Other) A coloring program for children
  5. Money Match Extreme – (All) A revisit to our original mobile title, Money Match Advance. An fast action thinking puzzler. This is a labour of love an hope one day to bring it back.
  6. Many Many more…

That doesn’t touch on our 3rd party partnerships… All in all it’s going to be a busy year! We can’t promise it all, but we hope we’ll be bringing everyone some great apps this year.

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