Rewrite a cocos2d application in cocos2dx in 48 hours

We have an app that is on the iOS store and still waiting review for Mac store. Word Jumblerama Blitz. It’s a quick word game that was a lot of fun to make, and people seem to enjoy playing it. We made the initial release in a week, and now are thinking of porting it to a wider platform to support more devices.

Originally it was written in Objective-C using cocos2d (v2.0). We will now rewrite and migrate the app to c++ using cocos2dx (v2.0). We have done cocos2dx work before, and migrated a smaller app. There are a lot of nuances with this app, such as file reading, writing, parsing huge dictionaries on the fly, etc. So it’s a learning exercise as well as an excuse to do a little android work (which is truly punishing, it’s really not our favorite platform by miles), but cocos2dx does help a lot. Along the way we’ll probably do some JNI to talk to java, but at the same time we don’t just want to do an android port. I want the whole app to be on cocos2d-x, so the next version for Apple will be on the cocos2d-x (C++) code.

The goal is to truly have a cross development / cross platform solution. I always dev iPhone/iPad/Mac on the same code, this time we’ll push it to more platforms including Android, and Windows. Our target is a complete app feature set to our latest release, (minus the iOS specific game center, iAd, etc) running on cocos2dx. Initially we’ll just aim for a iOS version in this first pass of the code, then use that to migrate to other platforms.

And we’ll time cap this at 48 hours (however, it may be broken apart in multiple days, depending on other work).

First Update (4 Hours)
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