So many releases

While I get ready to launch a new game (8s Wild) today, I have been going through my old games. Most of them have a bit of dust on them, but are still played by a handful of people. But they have outdated libraries, that needed updating to keep them fresh.

I went and revisited Mojo Mahjong 3d and Retro Art Studio. I updated the libraries and prepared new bundles for release. After a bit of fiddling around with these old projects (> 8 years!) I then get asked to re-upload images, and also now comply with Apple’s new privacy policy. The new policy is a whole world of questions that I really had no idea how to answer. The reality is I don’t collect any information of my users, I really just make games and put them out there. However I do use analytics and advertisements, which do use a bunch of permissions. I only use the big players such as Google AdMob and Unity Analytics / Ads.

Luckily searching around I was able to find what permissions they use, and when you type it all out it sounds intimidating and hopefully I don’t scare off my users. But to break it down, I need ads because let’s be honest no one pays for small games. I’ve tried but no one is interested in buying games at any price, so I need ads. I try to not over use them, but they are in there as that’s the only way I can fund this game company. I’m sorry but people just don’t buy games for mobile, especially casual games like this. There’s no micro-transactions, loot boxes, or any thing like that, just ads.

But that threw a loop into just doing a quick update, then came in all the new devices I need to get screen grabs for. So once again another running around gathering those, updating the stores and publishing. Then to find the certificates, etc. I think I’m close to getting them up on their respective stores, for about 5 different apps.

I will make note that I am sadly unable to update Mojo Video Poker anymore for IOS, that was my first mobile game and my favorite. It is filled with sweat and tears, and will always hold a spot in my heart. I do think I should do it justice and remake it properly (Something I’ve started many times) but just finish it, bring in some ui help and put it out there.

I also would love to do a paid game again, so I didn’t have to account for ads, or in-app purchases, just a game you bought it you own it you got it all… the way I like to buy things, but I think I’m in the minority now.

Well, in short I’m very busy and I don’t even know if anyone reads this website so it’s a bit cathartic to write about these things.

Thanks for playing, stay safe.