More releases… want to get back to developing

I have been on a release rush, but so many old projects have a lot of issues due to their age to get re-released. One hangup was on updating libraries for Retro Art Studio, and I couldn’t get the binding to work in XCode, but after too many hours for a quick update I finally found a solution I think. I’ll know shortly when I can test the build once published by Apple’s Testflight.

I released the first version of 8s Wild! on Android, updated 11s up with a bug fix, and did sdk udpates for Mahjong 3d, and Retro Art Studio.

What is next?

  • IOS Release of 8s Wild
  • Start the UI Updates to 11s up for version 3
  • Get back to work on the word game
  • Deep think about whether to do Video Poker or K-game next
  • Think about follow up to Retro Art Studio
  • Try to come up with a solution for free vs paid games going forward
    • Go back to ‘free / premium’ 2 versions to limit the privacy implications
    • Keep in-app purchases
    • Add more in-app purchase options beyond ‘remove ads’
  • Above is hard but I want to find a way to make this a more sustainable pursuit (after 25 years, seems like I should be able to do something)