Daily dose of new ideas

After a very busy weekend of doing app updates and releases (8s Wild! is pending with both google / apple right now). I have had a big explosion of new ideas, prompted by me looking at Unity Asset store sales. I have that crazy mind that when I look at assets, walk in a hardware store, or walk outside in nature; the same thing always happens. I think ‘what can I make with this, what can I build with that, and what could I film here’? My brain always challenges me with those questions, and I do get disappointed when I realize I can’t do it all, I do love that I keep that flow going.

So today, I came up with 3 brand new game ideas, a great idea of packaging 3 other games in a better way, and a grand concept of trying to get someone to help me out for 3 months.

How many of these I’ll get to, who knows as last night I started a new idea that I was having fun with as well. But the key is that I’m pushing it and I’m not letting the day to day get in the way of me having these great moments. I feel invigorated, but now I’m at my desk job so will have to wait til I get home to get cracking. 🙂

Ideas for my own future reference:

  • Run ‘n Plode
    • Arcadey-puzzle aim to make 1 player first, and set a stretch of XX sales to multiplayer
  • Multi-Game for Desktop / Tablet
    • Build 1 more bar game and package it into a multi package, so I can have a ‘paid’ app and remove ads
    • This is due to the changes in IOS14, I hate ads but it’s my only revenue stream. I’ll try giving people the option to buy a game outright like the ‘old days’
  • Crazy Fast Poker
    • Poker game based on bar game rules
  • H20 Tumble
  • Card Tile Temple Raider

That’s it for now, keep dreaming!