Mojo Video poker gets big(ger)

Not only is Mojo Video Poker the best bang for your buck in iPhone Video Poker. It features 3 unique game types, 6 game modes, for a total of 18 games. Full gamecenter integration with achievements and leaderboards, and now, it’s getting Bigger.

We at Six Foot Three Foot are always happy to hear from our users, whether it be a bug, a request, or a quick ‘hello’. Well we have heard the most requested feature is to have larger cards, as we have maxed out the space on the screen as far as cards, we are working very hard on a whole new way to play Mojo Video Poker. We are in the middle of supporting Landscape mode, the future version will allow you to play the game how you have been, or you can tilt the iphone / ipod to it’s side and play it in a wide screen mode which brings a new layout and larger cards to the screen.

We have been actively working hard on this using our own custom programming code to allow both methods of play to be fully supported without interrupting game play. We are still “work in progress” but feel free to have a look to get an idea of what we’re doing. (Also you can see the new cards we put in.)

Thanks for playing, and please rate us if you enjoy playing!