Mojo Video Updates keep rolling, big release coming soon

We have been busy adding features, games, and fixes to Mojo Video Poker. Currently on version 1.0.5 the game is doing well with thousands of downloads worldwide. We are very happy to keep pushing through new releases. Right now we have have two in the pipeline. One is a fix for a payout issue found by a very helpful user! If you find an issue don’t hesitate to let us know on our support tab on this website.

The other major release is still in development as it is a lot of new work. This will address hopefully one of the main feature requests we have had since the release of Mojo Video Poker. Without going into detail, we’ll let you know it’s moving forward well, and we hope to announce it soon! We have been actively working on several new projects as well. More details on that later, right now back to writing code.