Retro Art Studio 1.2.0 for iOS Released

Retro Art Studio 1.2.0 has been released on the Apple App Store. This includes a whole bunch of fun things, mainly new colors! Every color now has a gradient, so you can get different shades of each color, we we went from 8-64 colors! That should unleash some more creativity from our users.

Full iPad Retina support! All the graphics have been redone to support the Retina in full resolution, we even prettied up some of the graphics for all devices. There are more dots on the Led Brite game as well.

We also fixed Facebook integration, so now it will post to your photo album (if you are logged into Facebook). Your posts are just for your wall, not ours. However we have added a link to the Facebook page for Retro Art Studio ‘Retro Art Studio Community’, where you can like us and please upload any work you’d like to share! We’d love to see what you’re able to make.

Retro Art Studio for iOS is a Free application replicating classic art toys, including Etch-A-Sketch ™ and Lite Brite ™, we also have a 8-bit pixel painting program to make cool pixel art. People seem to be using it for creative ways as well such as cross stitching pattern making as well as quilt designs. We love the creativity of our users.

If you have any ideas, issues, or suggestions please use our support page on the website, we’ll get back to you asap.

Looking forward to seeing some of your work!

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