Retro Art Studio 1.3.0 for iOS Released – New Features

Retro Art Studio has just received it’s latest milestone for iOS. This release was a quick release after 1.2.0 to address some additional customer feedback.

Most importantly, our top requested feature was a way to purchase the app. It seems Retro Art Studio is a hit with young ones and others alike, so to stop those small hands from accidentally clicking on ads, they can now be disabled via in app purchase. We also added a way to blend colors together, by clicking on two different colors on the color bar. (Click Red then Green to get a gradient between the two).

Also a request on iPhone was the ability to have larger LED / Pixels for the smaller device. Now on all devices you can select the size of the LED / Pixel via a configuration menu.

We removed the ‘undo’ button as well to make room for the configuration, also it was not really necessary as we have a nice eraser that’s ready to use.

Thank you so much for all your feedback, and we hope you enjoy playing our games.