About us:

We are a New Zealand development shop specialising in cross platform development for mobile and desktop.  Based in the heart of Wellington, we take advantage of the extended winters and windy days to stay inside and write software. We have developed many games and applications directly as well as for clients around the world.  A few of our apps have been featured in the App Store and have been nominated for various advertising awards.  We are always looking for new exciting projects to work on, and are keen to work with small and large businesses alike.

We develop for just about every mobile platform, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.  We also do Mac development and some web / backend when needed to accompany an application.  If you have any questions or queries shoot us an email via our contact form and we’ll be happy to help you out.  We are always happy to consult and help identify solutions for a given project.

Tools we use:

SpriteKit (Apple)

Platforms / Stores we publish for:

lang_iconApple App Stores
lang_iconGoogle Play
lang_iconWindows 8 Stores

Read the news section to see what new apps and games we’ve released, or visit our work page to see some of our previous client projects.  Feel free to contact us via our support form if you’d like more information or have any feedback.


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