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Apr 18

Teaching kids to make games through stories (Text adventure Engine post #1)

Making a text adventure game engine to help kids tell stories through gaming.

Aug 21

Let’s have a merge party – Safe Git Merging

some git tips for developers, a common practice I try to introduce to the teams I work with

Jun 02

Swift – Apple’s newest programming language – A Contract Developer perspective

Well moments ago Apple announced Swift, their new programming / scripting language. Which enjoys a huge performance increase over Objective-C, and removes a few of the key points that new developers would struggle with. One major sticking point with Objective C was the verbosity, people thought it was way to hard to read. I personally …

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Feb 18

Books, Tutorials, etc

After talking with some publishers and authors I got a little insight to programming books, and decided that I may go another path.

Feb 18

Cost of developing an iPhone app (2014)

“I have a great idea for an app, I’m looking for someone to help me make it; you interested?” – I hear this more than ‘hey, nice shirt!’. I’ll try my best to explain my process in getting to an estimate.

Feb 02

Year In Review 2013

Sorry this is a bit belated, just been catching up on some things. So wow what a big year 2013 was. Across the board busy and crazy, some good some bad, some ugly. First of all I shipped more apps on more platforms than ever last year, let’s recap. Apps this year So as you …

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Dec 02

The gamer a console generation left behind

My first console in 1987, 26 years later, looking at a stagnant market which doesn’t seem to want my business.

Aug 11

Windows 8 Developer program – It shouldn’t be this hard, We pass

To sum up really quick, We are no longer going to attempt to pursue Windows 8 developer programs at all. The length of my discussion with their support staff, asking very direct questions only to get vague answers without back up has just brought it to a halt. I thanked them for their time and …

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Aug 06

Windows 8 developer program feedback from Microsoft, not much help…

Nothing beats a response that doesn’t address the questions you asked.

Aug 04

Windows 8 Development, 2nd chance, no luck (Still stuck trying to get head around registration)

Windows 8 failure to launch, can’t justify the fees to even begin looking into the platform(s).

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